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Author: Ibiangake Nyong

Nyong, Ibiangake Okon holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of Calabar, Cross-River State. She's also a Google Certified Digital Marketer (GCDM). Ibiangake is a Tech-Preneur who has keen interest in organizational technology and how it can be used to improve business functions and strategies. In her spare time, she freelances her content writing skills. She is very passionate about Digital Marketing(SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, etc) and looks forward to Undertaking a Master Class training on these niches to widen her scope of knowledge and apply it to solve the major e-marketing problems of clients. Outside my career, I love volunteering as part of the service geared towards humanity.

The importance of feedback in Career Growth

In recent years, major academic institutions, such as the Harvard School of Business have been focusing much of their time and efforts to researching how experienced soccer managers can provide an example of effective management. Feedback is one of the most important factors in the development of the modern manager who can motivate and guide […]

Entrepreneurship: The 21st Century Tech-Preneurs

It may seem that a Tech-Preneur and entrepreneur are indistinguishable since many of their core skills are identical but at the end of the day, you can always use these features to differentiate the two. One among the significant difference between Tech-Preneurship and the conventional entrepreneurship is the use of high technology. TechPreneurs use technology […]

Interview Hacks: Proper Body Language Communication

Savvy job seekers know that in order to be prepared for job interviews, they need to formulate and practice answers to common interview questions. Yet even the most polished answers will get you nowhere if your body language is problematic. Studies estimate that about 65% of all communication is nonverbal – which means that hiring […]

Productivity: Things you should know about a “To-do-list”

How often do you feel overwhelmed and disorganized in life, whether at work or home? We all seem to struggle with time management in some area of our life; one of the most common phrases besides “I Love you” is “I don’t have time”. Everyone suggests working from a to-do list to start getting your […]

Interview Hacks: I Have Had My First Interview, What Do I Do Next

We’ve all been in the same place before: you’ve had a job interview, you feel it went well, you’re anxious to hear from them, but you don’t know what to do. Should I wait for them? Should I get in touch? How long do I wait? These are natural questions that anyone who has waited […]

Interview Hacks: Balancing Diet Before an Interview Session

When you’re going in for a job interview, there is always so much to consider and prepare for. What should I wear? How should I greet them? What are the questions I want to ask them? Which piece of previous employment do I want them to focus on during the interview? And, of course, if […]

Career Mentorship: The needed boost for productivity

Q: Who needs a mentor? A: You do. At the beginning of your professional career, everything can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve started a job in an industry unrelated to your degree. Maybe you’ve changed career paths. No matter the situation, a mentor can help. In the middle of your professional career, everything can seem boring […]

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