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Author: Ibiangake Nyong

Nyong, Ibiangake Okon holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of Calabar, Cross-River State. She's also a Google Certified Digital Marketer (GCDM). Ibiangake is a Tech-Preneur who has keen interest in organizational technology and how it can be used to improve business functions and strategies. In her spare time, she freelances her content writing skills. She is very passionate about Digital Marketing(SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, etc) and looks forward to Undertaking a Master Class training on these niches to widen her scope of knowledge and apply it to solve the major e-marketing problems of clients. Outside my career, I love volunteering as part of the service geared towards humanity.

Questions to ask and answer before you Quit your Job

Here are Some concepts to help evaluate your job dilemma before you quit. Many jobs were eliminated during the last recession and many employees contemplated a job change but they couldn’t because of the fear that they will stay unemployed for a long time.  Now, a decade later the job market has improved markedly yet, […]

Corona Virus: Preventing the Impact of Supply Chain Crisis

Developing a reasonable supply chain response to the coronavirus outbreak is extremely challenging, given the scale of the crisis and the rate at which it is evolving. The best response, of course, is to be ready before such a crisis hits, since options become more limited when disruption is in full swing. However, some measures […]

Battle of the Bots: Live-Chats vs Chat-bots

It’s the battle of the bots. What do you think? In just the past few years, marketers and business owners have seen a dramatic shift in business-to-customers communication, and it’s turning out to be pretty profitable. We’re talking double the conversions. Think about it this way: if a website visitor expects a web-page to load […]

Freelancing: How to gain financial security as a freelancer

When you start out as a freelancer, long-term financial health isn’t usually top of mind. You’re too busy trying to land gigs to cover next month’s bills. Freelancers are often so focused on surviving from month to month, that they overlook long-term financial security. If you want to escape the financial anxiety of survival mode, […]

COVID-19: How Managers Can Support Remote Employees

As much as remote work can be fraught with challenges, there are also relatively quick and inexpensive things that managers can do to ease the transition. Actions that you can take today include: Establish Structured Daily Check-Ins Many successful remote managers establish a daily call with their remote employees. This could take the form of […]

Communicating through the COVID-19 Pandemic

In fast-moving and uncertain situations, many leaders face questions they may not even have answers to. It is important to know that you need to communicate early and often with your key constituencies throughout a crisis. Even if you’re still trying to understand the extent of the problem, be honest and open to maintain credibility. […]

“Must-Have” Entrepreneurship Skills for 2020

An entrepreneur can be any person who builds or operates a business, taking on a greater amount of risk than someone who is an employee of a business. Often, this entrepreneurial risk takes the form of financial risk, career risk, emotional risk, or overall business risk. Since there is so much risk of failure when […]

The art of Saying NO

You’ve no doubt encountered times when agreeing to do a favor made you unable to complete your task or took time away from taking care of yourself (skipping meals, or not getting enough sleep are some examples). Still, we all face fears about saying no—fears about hurting feelings and being disliked. A lot of people […]

A revolt on the horizon, Innovation

Yipeeeee!!! Mobile communication is about to experience its greatest revolution in the 12 years since Apple invented the smartphone. This time, however, it is not handsets that will drive the change, rather the network technology we have come to know as 5G. This is a revolt on the horizon. 5G technology offers data speeds 20-times […]

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