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Yes! I prefer my money inside my PiggyWallet than in my Bank Account. Read through and understand why!

When it comes to financial literacy, we should understand the nitty-gritty of things and platforms before investing in our hard-earned money (or even the money was gifted you… lol)

PiggyVest promises a 13% ROI when you safelock(a savings plan where you lock away a fixed amount of money for an extended period – amongst their many investment options)Compared to Banks and savings accounts, you will agree with me that if you keep, say, N200,000 naira in your Bank account and come back at the end of a year, your initial Capital must have dropped by say N2000 accredited to Bank charges and account maintenance fees. I bet you don’t want that for your money?

I have a rule of Thumb, any investment portfolio I do not understand what they invest my money into, I wont go ahead with them OR a situation where they promise an ROI greater than 15%, something fishy might be going on.

My friend, initially will say “Stan, see, I know I should be computer literate but all these fintechs, I wouldn’t want someone to run away with my money and I cant lay claims to them when the time comes” but his doubts were cleared by the dividends I collected from Platforms like Carbon (former PayLater with 11% ROI*) and PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank with 13% ROI*). 

The first thing I check when I want to engage with any platform or investment entity is their track record from reputable bodies. The second I check for is their Corporate listings on reputable websites and discussion forums and the Last thing I look out for is their National Regulatory registrations – in this case, NIBBS and CBN registration. Once all these checklists pan out, I am game.

NB: I was not paid by PiggyVest to promote their Platform as I am a satisfied customer that wants my friends to onboard and grow their income symmetrically. To see more benefits of investing with PiggyVest, visit their FAQ page and read up https://app.piggyvest.com/faq

I use PiggyVest to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey – https://www.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=8be96962b5

So I dont miss out on any goody, here is the first hand intriduction to PiggyVest from their Official Website;

PiggyVest is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. It first launched as “Piggybank.ng” on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings-only platform. For 3 years, we offered ONLY savings to our users. 

Then in April of 2019 Piggybank.ng rebranded to “PiggyVest” and then began to offer DIRECT investments opportunities to users in addition to savings. 4 years on, We have continued to deliver excellent service to our 350,000 users and counting, by helping them manage their finances in a very simple way. 

Combined, PiggyVest users save & invest billions of Naira every month that they would probably be tempted to badly spend. 

PiggyVest is on a mission ‘to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their own finances’, and we intend to be the best at this. 

Thank you for choosing PiggyVest. ❤️

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