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Data migration is one big challenge and a system administrator’s nightmare as each organization will want a swift and efficient data transfer and getting by with that in an ecosystem with diverse datasets and structures of different platforms. Each platform has its accepted data formats and accepted integration mechanisms.

Choosing the right migration tool isn’t much of an issue as the main point to consider is cost, convenience, and speed of transfer.

For organizations already within the Microsoft domain, its an easy decision as there are great tools to cater to all your migration needs ranging from Email, Calendar Items, Teams CHannels, SharePoint Site collection and OneDrive for Business data.

The SharePoint Migration Tool which is a Local-Cloud Migration tool has been around for long and has saved companies a lot in terms of data migration and handling. Click on this link to check out my demonstration on using the SharePoint Migration tool in moving local files to the cloud.

Over the years, SPMT was almost losing its relevance as the majority of firms have moved on to Cloud-based computing and the migration needs now bothers around moving from one cloud listing to another; Microsoft at the time didn’t have any inhouse tool to meet this demand. Hence, the Merger with [a cloud-based migration plaform] which can handle an organization’s transition from a different cloud listing to Office 365 smoothly and efficiently.

I have complied a video Tutorial, more like a demonstration of how to use the Mover Platform to move your data from A CLoud service to another (Personal OneDrive account to your OneDrive for Business account).

Fell free to drop your questions and feedback and I will answer them as best as I can;

4 thoughts on “How to use Mover™ to migrate data from Any Cloud Account to Microsoft Office 365 [Video]

  1. Chuks Amobi says:

    Uhm…the YouTube video seem embedded on this post. You should do something about it. Thanks for sharing the article.

    1. Thank you Chucks for your continued support and contributions. Embedded video fixed.

  2. Shoaib says:

    Hi stan, really like your videos.
    I was hoping if you have any documentation on moving data data from drop box to share point.


    1. Hi Shoaib, I can make up one for you if you need that. Send me an email to

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