6 Must have android productivity apps

Mobile Phone productivity should not only be limited to Social Media activity and taking selfies. It can further be extended to turning your Mobile phone into your Workshop by staying on top of your editing activities by installing relevant applications needed for graphics and video editing/production.

There are quite a number of free applications out there that can suit your business and design needs when properly combined and integrated. All it requires is a mobile device with enough RAM Space, enough Internal STorage memory (i am currently on 70% USage on my Nokia 6.2 Device) and functional Internet access.

NB: Most of the applications come with in-App Ads and will pop up on occasions while using them. Never mind, the apps below do not disturb with their ads.

List of Applications needed for Graphics and Video Productions to boost your Youtube Channel;

  • Youtube Studio App [Install link] – this is where you check your YouTube Channel stats and make major mobile-edits on your videos like adding Thumbnails and tags.
  • Youtube App [Install Link] – Used for Uploading Videos to your channel and making minor edits.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express [Install Link] – a mobile replica of your PC Photoshop with basic effects and saturation tools any Photographer can use to get by. It also has great tools for adding texts and images.
  • InShot Video Editor [Install Link] – used in designing images collages and editing videos on your mobile device with great features, elements, and add-in.
  • Background Eraser [Install link] – used for editing images and removing the backgrounds from images to get the actual focus of the image.
  • Canva Editor [Install link] – Used for designing fliers and advert images with free templates and custom designs. It also comes with free images you can kickstart your designs from.

Finally, I made a video on how to remove the background of an image so you get the subject in focus. Happy Viewing;

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2 thoughts on “6 Android Mobility and Productivity Applications: Growing Your YouTube channel for Beginners

  1. Uche Romeo says:

    Great stuff but my question is does all this app have high storage requirement

    1. NOt really. Having enough storage will ensure you can perform large edits and save as many pictures and videos as possible without worrying of space

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