My Boss to Me: Do you have an International Passport

“Ignorance is not a necessary limitation to success but the Illusion of Knowledge” is a piece that has stuck with me of late from an instructional video I saw on YouTube. It’s not what we don’t know that limits us but that which we don’t and think we do. Acknowledging one’s ignorance isn’t a weakness but a strength that shows one’s open-mindedness and willingness to learn. Knowledge will come to those who are sincere about their knowledge gaps.

We have goals set out and have a picture of the future that lies in the north of tomorrow but without the necessary connections and influence, we will fall short of our potentials and cower under the clock of mediocrity. Our aspirations in life soon go South without the right guidance and action plans. We become destitute of our imaginations and derail ourselves from the very desires that started us off in the first place.

Many a time we make great plans without first asking ourselves “Do I have what it takes to get to the future I desire”. This vital question and retrospect are needed for us to check ourselves and ascertain if we are on the right trajectories or not. Not making the right and adequate preparations in life will leave us on the verge of hyper activities geared towards the wrong directions. Imagine driving in Nigeria without a Driver’s License – you’re setting yourself up to be ripped by the traffic officials, may God save your soul.

There are certain documentation and particulars I think every conscientious adult need to have as a matter of necessity and as a matter of chance as these entail to a large extent how responsible people around us will see us. 

The attitude of “I’ll get it when I need it” won’t do us good seeing that the cost of acquiring them when we need them far outweighs the cost of getting them at our leisure. You could even lose great opportunities when they are not readily available. 

I know a friend of mine who lost out from an All expense paid trip to the UK because he didn’t have his international passport ready – a very sad story for another day. I also know of a business executive at the top of his career who also lost out of a 2 Months International training that came up unannounced in their organization because he failed to renew his expired International Passport.

Opportunities come and only ready hands grab them” is a profound word that has stuck to me in recent times as it exemplifies the true essence of preparedness and keen attention to what’s necessary.

Imagine you are being informed that there will be a vacation opportunity for going to the Bahamas next week and your international passport is being required of you for processing in a Days time. Do you have yours or the financial muscle to pull off one within short notice? 

Your answer to the later will determine if you need to start making plans on acquiring yours or to renew yours.

Our documentations need to be readily available at all times and up to date!

For a list of documentation a Young Nigerian need to be fully ready for whatsoever opportunity that might present itself are listed below;

  • International Passport [Updated]
  • Driver’s License [You need to know how to drive]
  • Your state of origin Identification
  • Payslips from previous places of employment [Needed for emigration]
  • A form of National Identification
  • A valid email address that if possible has the format of or whatever mix, let it be one that captures your names
  • A functional LinkedIn Profile [Needed for recommendations and profiling]
  • A skill centered Curriculum Vitae that is up to date and well formatted [I can help you upgrade yours when you contact me on WhatsApp at +2347080753226]

My answer: Yes Sir, I now have my International Passport and more….

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  1. ExoRank says:

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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