OneDrive for Business: Seamlessly Transfer files from One User account to another using GUI

It seems I have this Obsession for OneDrive or is it the Cloud Technology platform basically that intrigues me.? 

The battle for Data dominance recently in the IT Landscape and the ever-growing need for seamless and secure access to data must be the sole contributors to it as one needs to be skilled to provide support in this regard.

OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online are great Products and Services and the duo provides an Office 365 Administrator the chance to get into the Cloud computing game. The collaboration and ease of access the duo provides are top-notch as it strives to bring organizations closer and teams together.

So, the other day, I assisted a work-from-home administrator to move files from his OneDrive to his OneDrive. Hold on a minute, let me explain the technicalities to what he wanted to achieve.

SCENARIO: When you have an OneDrive and for example, you have a account that has been licensed with a plan that includes SharePoint Online, it creates a OneDrive Personal Site URL that will look like this which will be an issue when you go the basic route of Adding an Alias of to the user account and make the later Primary email address [You will seemingly have something that looks seamless but technically, the URL remains as above and will pose a challenge in the future] So the client created a new user account for which has the URL of and needs the files from the onmicrosoft variant to the custom account.

This was a live use case

Achieving the above scenario is quite easy and I think it’s a needed chip every SharePoint administrator needs to get by. All that needs to happen is going to the SharePoint Admin center and Manage the onmicrosoft Profile from the Profile section as detailed below;

  • Navigate to the Profile section from the SharePoint Admin center and search for the onmicrosoft account [See image below]
  • Hover around the username and locate a small Drop Icon and select the Manage Site Collection Owners Option from the list [See Image below]
  • Then add the Target account as a secondary Site collection admin for the Source Account [See Image Below]
  • You can now wait for some minutes then copy the URL of the Source account and paste on an Active session where the Target account is signed on to access the source files. From there, Bulk-Select the whole documents on sight and choose to Move to/Copy to see the available destinations; select “Your OneDrive” option for moving to your OneDrive root directory or a created folder. You can also select SharePoint Libraries from Sites you follow and frequent. [See image below]

I also wrote an article on how to achieve this using PowerShell which will achieve same results. So you can decide between going the GUI route or the PowerShell route. You have both in your Arsenal (This is my official football club)

Feel free to drop your comments and reservations and I will attend to them.

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