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Corporate writing is not only relating to contractual agreements or recording meeting proceedings; it also covers internal memos, email communications and of course resignation letter [you are not destined to die in one particular employment as you will one day overgrow that employment and will need/have to leave].

The Constance of Change has made Change Management an important topic to consider in corporate management. Managing change across all levels of one’s career journey is key to achieving success and limelight. You got a new boss assigned to you, you were promoted to a new position, your team members were realigned to a new team, you got demoted in your office and many more are the changes that could and will inevitably come knocking on the door in your career journey and being positioned for each is key to achieving your desired goals. For more information on materials around Change management, check this article.

Now, back to our topic of interest; Writing your resignation letter. It’s is important to note that in your career change and realignment, “Never burn bridges as you never know which will lead you home”. Having that at the back of your mind will ensure you are professional about any of your decisions and in making the necessary preparations and positioning for them.

Since being a Team Player has become a looked-out-for skill in the 21st Century market, knowing how to leave a team well is of utmost importance. Your resignation letter should have some key points outlined and ingrained into the whole tone of your conversation.

You don’t just resign, There are things you need to know and do before taking that bold step. Now that you have taken that bold step of resigning, you need to put pen to paper and show your humanness while recognizing a company that has housed and fed you over the years notwithstanding their many flaws. There are key points that need to be reflected while writing a resignation letter which some are outlined below; including them in your letter will send an impression of warmth and professionalism to your co-workers and your top managers will spot the leadership spirit within you. The points follow:

Outline your high and low moments empathetically

Its called “Selling”. We sell ourselves at every opportunity we find ourselves because we never know who is looking; resignation isn’t left out as that is a very good moment to remind and make a lasting impression in the mind of those you have toiled day and night for the success of your principal. Reminding them of those happy moments you shared and will miss and the trying times you all went through for the achievement of set goals and KPIs is key in your resignation letter. After all, that might be the last official documentation they have of you.

Acknowledge those that have been of great impact to you

Recognition should also take center stage in your resignation letter as it helps to endear you to the hearts of those that have mentored you at some point or the other. It shows you as having gratitude and someone trustworthy of great things.

Acknowledge the team(s) you have had the privileges of working with

Making a mention and eulogizing with your team is key – should I even remember you about that?. It’s a great way to also show gratitude to those who have directly got your back through your journey in the firm and to also appreciate their months/years of Team Bonding and Results. Showing honor to whom honor is due to remains age-long and relevant.

Emphasis your willingness to partner with the company in the future should your ever-growing skills and expertise be sought after

Leaving a firm is not the final interface/encounter you will have with them. Setting the stage for future healthy connections will help you gain a soft landing whenever your paths cross either via consultancy or business partnerships. We never know what the wind might blow-by.

Drop your alternative contact information for connections outside the office space

Never drop the pen without highlighting your alternative means of communication so your colleagues can be able to reach you should the need arise. It could be for clarifications, recommendations, the list goes on. Maintaining those contacts is also vital as one good turn deserves another.

PS: Even if your firm didn’t treat you well – from your expectations – never leave without writing your resignation letter and following all due processes needed for staff exits.

Below is a sample resignation letter capturing some of the points raised above.

Dear Team,

To have met and have worked with you in this career journey of mine with Heritage Bank Limited has been a great honor and a privilege I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

The knowledge I have gathered, the friends I have made, the mentors that have emerged, to name but a few causes tears to roll down my eyes.

Change they say is constant and I must take a bow from this current track I’m on in my career journey and head out to a different trajectory all in line with my career growth plan.

It pains me to leave at this time but most times in life, one just has to take the bull by the horn in making some hard and crucial decisions both in life and career and ultimately Move onto the next phase of endeavors.

We will surely keep in touch as out-of-sight is not out-of-heart.

You can always reach me on my Line @XXXXXXXXXXXXX as I will be very eager and ready to chat or offer any assistance whatsoever within my capacity.

Thank You all for keeping true to your Passions and Callings.

I will be leaving the office on the 23rd of April, XXXX.

I remain Ezendiokwere Stanley and I want to see you live Healthy, Wealthy and Happier.

Warmest Regards!

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