Before you resign

You will get a Job and you will resign. That’s the fact of the work-life.

The beginning of a thing is always rosy and overwhelming, you quickly forget the stress of acquisition and the waiting period. It’s also at the beginning stage we set career goals and life goals of what we want to achieve and see happen in our lives. Indiscipline and procrastination don’t leave us out at this stage.

We all have our timelines and short terms goals we wish to see in every endeavor we find ourselves. That dream Job of yours will most assuredly become a nightmare someday and you need to plan for the eventualities of that time and feeling because it will come. Proper planning they say begets proper execution and leaves no room for surprises.

So you have worked diligently and have given your all to the firm that gave you the opportunity for stardom and you have successfully shown yourself for the worth you possess within. You have excelled more than your contemporaries and have set a standard in your current workplace and are now set to make that inevitable transition to a better place and the proverbial greener pasture. 

“It’s always in our most emotional period we make the decisions that have the propensity to send us to doom [or maybe NOT]” – Unknown.

It will be very beneficial to you at the moment and in the long run if you don’t throw in the towel and make a dent on your character as regards your previous place of work and your new employment as karma is always standing by the corner to remind us of our moments of recklessness. 

Maintaining the tempo and enthusiasm we had while working for our current employer when a new offer is in view will help greatly in ensuring our previous employer and colleagues say good things about us in our absence. 

I have seen countless cases of people becoming plain arrogant and insensitive when they must have secretly gone for an interview and have received their contract paper for a new Job. They throw away their sensitivity and character while displaying their lackadaisical side and a nonchalant attitude towards work.

If only we know that for you to work with a Multinational Firm or a serious-minded establishment, they perform a background check on our character from our previous employer and try to ensure we didn’t abscond from the duty to start with them. They also make inquiries bothering on attitude and integrity as these two traits are on-demand qualities in the business of today.

No one expects you to build a castle at your present place of work because life as we know it is a transition to greater heights and goals change and visions are realigned when faced with new facts and events. Handling this transition is what we are offering guidance on how to go about it.

I am about sharing some key points to note while making this transition and the best step of action you need to take before resigning from your previous place of work.

Ensure you have no outstanding Tasks or Project from your previous place of work

Let it not be seen as if you are running out or absconding from duty when moving to your new firm. Recruiters always ask for a notice period of when given employment, the number of weeks and days it will take you to resume duties. This time gives on ample space to close off active cases, resolve pending issues with solutions, re-delegate projects and commitments to capable hands, follow through on laid down policies and change management plans for leaving staff and ensure to follow the proper channel of communication to register your resignation. Doing all these not only ensures you face no further lawsuits from your previous place of work but it helps register your name as someone with character and one with leadership qualities. Who knows, you might have to apply again to that former company of yours for a higher position and wouldn’t it be great when you have a positive record waiting for you?

Ensure you know fully well why it is you are going to the new company

Some persons just leave their current employment out of frustration on the treatment that’s being meted to them or the toxic work environment without any clear-cut reasons and motivations as to why they should sign up to their new company. They leave out of hatred and unknown to them, engage with their new firm with some traces of that animosity and which can affect their effectiveness on their new Job.

No matter the level of dissatisfaction we face from our current employer, let us never leave on that note, but rather try to settle every difference and leave off on a good note. This will provide us a clear head which Is a needed tool in performing at our best in our new endeavors.

Have set goals you want to achieve by moving to a new company

Goal setting is key in keeping us on track and ensuring we do not deviate from our internal focus of what we need to be achieved at various timelines. Your new firm may be offering higher pay and bigger benefits but deep down within you, is that why you want to join them. Never be caught in that web of a mediocre mindset of “Let me get the money first, I will think of a way forward,” because at the end of the day it will be counterproductive as you will find yourself in no time out of job and looking for another place of work. Having clear-cut goals is key in reassuring ourselves we are moving out not on sentiments but on a vision backed with deliverable.

Keep an open mind

Whenever you leave a place, be sure to drop off their ways of doing things and be eager to learn new ways of doing the same thing. Every company has its set down processes and procedures and each has a way they want their staff to dress, behave, live and perform their daily assigned task. They can also have a different mode of internal communication and reward system of which helps to make them stand out among their competitors. Coming to this new firm with your old way of thinking and behaving will make you look like a misfit and with further months of no improvements at your end, you stand the risk of being shown the exit.

When you get to Rome, behave like the Romans” is a renowned saying that speaks volumes of the kind of disposition we need to have when switching Jobs. Go there to learn and grow and not to prove to them you know how to do this or that.

Do not disconnect your connections

Its common practice for sadists and persons with low social skills to cut off communication with their colleagues from their previous place of work [that’s if they were even able to make friends and acquaintances from their previous place of work]. They sever the relationships that hold the potentials of boosting their upward trajectory on the corporate ladder because we never know who it is will have the last deciding say over our being promoted or given a bonus.

IT is also important we ensure we make friends and build our relational resource where ever we find ourselves so that we can have persons to leverage on when the need arises. Man is not an island After all.

Above all else, resign well and properly. This will ensure you maximize all the benefits and keep your records clean of any dent that might haunt you in the future.

Finally, before you resign from your current place of work, Make a checklist of the goals you have set previously when you got the job, tick out the ones you have achieved and make a new resolution to achieve them in your next place of work.

I wish you success in your future endeavors.

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