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#frankly: this is me on my laptop this morning and I know I have to scribble some words on my keyboard as it’s been months since I got this new job and I haven’t uploaded any articles on my timeline and the thoughts of that have been making me run crazy.

I just had to write something, so I thought. Then you know the magic of life that comes right on time in those lonely moments of confusion and reminiscence; “The Cleaner at the office”( This was meant to be the title of my short synopsis but I decided to leave that for now)

#main #article: So usually when I come online and want to do something noble, I usually visit www.pexels.com and view some cool uploaded photographs and scenes by Photographers around the globe to clear my head and give me closure. That was how I got the leading Image on this post.

So back to the cleaner at the office, not to slight her as she is just a little fragment of the challenges we face daily in life and a lesson as to how we can manage stress and pressures life throws at us.

Normally, cleaners clean up after staff in a working place finish taking breakfasts and lunch breaks and also do the cleanings in-between when the space looks untidy; so there was this staff that finished eating from a take away pack and left the pack on the table, well-wrapped inside a nylon bag (I actually don’t know whom he left the package for seeing the wastebasket was like 3 steps away from where he stood). SO he left the waste on the table and I came in and sat at a position adjacent to the well-wrapped package, the cleaner then emerged and when she pushed the package to verify if it had contents as maybe the owner just kept the food to go get some other thing, to her disgust, the wrap was empty and she hissed the living daylight out of that package (of course, she knows it wasn’t mine as it would have been placed close to me in such occasions).

My major concern was on the level of frustration and challenges we face daily as we journey through life which places great demands on our character, discipline, and perseverance whether we break or grow by them. The choice is ours on which turn we take, but take a turn we must as life itself abhors a vacuum. The cleaner at the office chose the former as she allowed the situation to break her character and restraint as she would have removed the trash gently and not allow someone’s lack of home training spoil her mood for that split seconds and allow negative hormones and energy run through her.

Every one of us faces similar situations in our decision makings, Business meetings, contract signings and just one singular pause of the heartbeat can make a difference when we make that mental journey and build compartments within our hearts to clean out trash and hold in things of value and honor. Our character is defined in these moments and they are tested for what they truly are.

So on the side, I just launched my pet project @ www.learnallround.com which is an educational site where you can visit to get access to life hacks, research findings, business tips and general information that can get you going in this digital age. You can do well to drop by and give us your comments and suggestions (we will greatly appreciate).

I am Ezendiokwere Stanley, I’ll love to see you excel!

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